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Thursday, 16 July 2020 00:00

Missed Registration for the Kent and Medway Test; and Illness at the Time of the Test

Updated annually, most recently July 2020

Non Registration for Kent or Medway Test
Sadly, each year a number of families fail to register their child for the Kent or Medway test in time, for a variety of reasons, often very understandably. It is likely that numbers will be much larger this year with families confused or overwhelmed by Coronavirus, and I have already been contacted by a number of these. Because of this, I would like to see an exception made in this unique year but have no expectation this will happen.   

Unfortunately, neither Kent nor Medway Authorities will consider late applications for registration for Testing in September.  In such a case, in Kent, you can only be arranged for your child to be tested after March 2021. The one exception is if you have moved into the Local Authority area after the deadlines, in which case you should contact the Local Authority for advice. In Medway there is, disgracefully,  no facility for late testing.  

Further details below

Illness at time of Kent or Medway Test
If your child is unwell at the time of the 11 Plus, resist the temptation to send them into school ill. I recommend a doctor's certificate on the day to show they have a medical condition, and you must inform the school in advance. Arrangements will then be made for the child to take the tests late. Some schools will tell parents their children are obliged to take the test in any case. In such circumstances contact Kent County Council or Medway Council (good luck with this) Admissions Department immediately for advice. 

Each year I am approached by parents whose children have underperformed because of illness and the only remedy is to hope that an appeal panel will take this into consideration when considering an appeal in May or June. This can only happen if you can provide written evidence at the time of the child's illness, from doctor or school. 

Non-registration for Kent Test
There are two alternative routes forward in Kent, both of which come to the same outcome. You can either put your child's named down on the Secondary Common Application Form (SCAF) for a grammar school; they will not be offered a place and you can then appeal, when arrangements will be made for the child to take the test, probably in May. 

Alternatively, you can make a late application for a grammar school directly to the school on 21st April (when it can be considered, but I would submit it earlier in any case), which is technically called an In-Year Application. In Kent, you apply directly to as many schools as you wish. Arrangements will then be made for your child to be tested. Some parents will also use this process to apply to further grammar schools, other than those on the original SCAF.  

Whichever of the above routes you have chosen, arrangements for testing are down to the individual school. Whilst the tests will be of a similar format to those taken in September, the child's older age will be taken into account so that the pass level is of the same standard. 

If successful, and the school of your choice still has vacancies (likely to be around half a dozen grammar schools, mainly in East Kent) you will be offered a place. However, in most cases, the schools will be technically full and you will need to go to appeal. This is likely to be after the main appeals, so there will be pressure on places, but you still have chances of success, depending on the school. I cannot see later applications succeeding at heavily oversubscribed schools, I am afraid. 

Medway Council, unlawfully, has no arrangements for late testing. 

First Published July 2014.


Last modified on Sunday, 26 July 2020 23:53


  • Comment Link Wednesday, 01 September 2021 10:28 posted by Michael

    The Kent test is but a week away, but it has become apparent from his tutor (quite late in the day), that she thinks he would have qualified for extra time, if the school had noticed this. He is very bright and gets averages of 70-90% right, but often misses off around 5-8 questions from the maths because he works more slowly. Is there anything that can be done at this late stage? PETER: I am afraid not, and in any case you would have needed evidence, preferably medical, not just a claim that he works slowly. Many do! Sorry.

  • Comment Link Tuesday, 26 December 2017 13:01 posted by karen

    My first son missed the Kent grammar test because I was not aware you could do it whiles living in London
    He has outstanding in all his subject and we are moving house in April 2017 closer to Gravesend grammar school
    Kindly advise me pls
    Thanks. PETER Move house permanently and you might then stand a small chance. Not otherwise, as the school rightly gives priority to local boys and has reduced its intake to avoid being swamped by Londoners

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