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Can I help you?

I am afraid I have now retired from providing advice to individual families. See article here. I continue to welcome information about issues in schools or the Kent and Medway Local Education Authorities. All communications are confidential, unless you authorise me otherwise.

In process of rewriting. 

Basic Information

You may wish to  first visit the Education website or telephone the Department for factual advice, as below.

Kent County Council: Education Website, here. School Admissions (and other education departments), telephone: 03000 41 21 21.


Medway Council: Education Website here. Telephone: 01634 306 000.


Enquirers find the Kent County Council Schools website and Admissions Department especially helpful. Many parents find that Medway Council is not helpful, nor correct in its advice, which can vary from family to family. 

Both departments should be able to provide you with any factual information you need to assist you to make a decision, but are not allowed to offer you opinion, nor compare different options.

If your child is currently at school, you should also talk to their headteacher, who is likely to have a good knowledge of local schools and more importantly, should know your child.  

Last modified on Sunday, 10 January 2021 20:36
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