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Kent Secondary School Admissions 2017


Last Updated: June 2016

Please note that this section is rather lengthy, and hence is spread across several pages. You will find the links below.

It is designed primarily for parents resident in Kent, whose children will be transferring to state secondary schools in September 2017. Parents considering a grammar school application should also look at the pages on Kent and Medway Grammar School Admissions and Medway Secondary School Admissions.

Kent Schools


There is more information, advice and comment on the School Admission Code page.  You may also find an article I wrote in September 2014 helpful. 

I have wide experience of the secondary school transfer schemes in Kent and Medway, and am happy to place my expertise at your service, advising on choice of schools and patterns of application, drawing on my extensive local knowledge of the area and its schools. I give talks for parents at several Kent primary and secondary schools by invitation, and am also happy to talk with groups of parents, as well as individuals. For admissions you may well find my telephone consultation service useful.

You will find the full details of the Kent Secondary transfer scheme on the KCC website here (secondary determined scheme for 2017), together with next year's oversubscription and admission rules for community and voluntary aided schools here, and individual Foundation, Voluntary Aided Schools and academies here where, in the Spring of 2017 you will also find any proposed changes for individual schools for 2018.  A more readable online booklet sets out the full rules together with relating to admissions including residence rules, assessment for grammar school, applying for Kent schools if you live outside the county, school offers, late applications and In Year admissions, transport including the Young Persons' Travel Pass. Unfortunately, at the time of writing (June 2016) the 2016 Admission booklet has been withdrawn and the 2017 one will not be posted until September, although I have made representations about this.     

For parents applying for any school in Kent outside the normal admission round, including late applications after 1st March when you can put in an application for any Kent secondary school you have not previously considered, simply download an In Year Casual Application Form and send it to the school you are applying to. You will find further details here. This does not apply in the same way in Medway.
I liked the basic advice guide issued by parents at Kingshill Primary School.  You will find a simple comparative guide at with my own information on individual schools here (some pages need updating, let me know if you are interested in one of these one and I will do it next)

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Last modified on Friday, 17 June 2016 12:55

Latest News & Comments

Just click on a news item below to read it in full. Feel free to subscribe to the news via the email link to the right or the RSS Feed at the bottom of the page. Please note that the 800 or so regular subscribers who receive each news item directly are not included in the number of readers recorded below the item. If you have a view on any item posted, please leave a comment. Also feel free to suggest items of news, or areas where comment is needed to: \nNews items appear as and when I have time in a very busy schedule supporting clients.

  • Buyer Beware: Four Private Schools failed OFSTED Inspection

    Kent and Medway have many excellent private schools, for those who can afford it and wish for an alternative to a state school, but do not assume that private is best, as the experience of a number of local schools warn.

    OFSTED now inspects the smaller private schools, although there are limited powers to take action on those that are failing. In the last year four of these, all promoting their ability to get children into grammar school, which can serve as a main reason for their existence, have been found Inadequate by OFSTED or in the case of one, had its Action Plan to show the route out of failure rejected by the DfE.

    The schools are:St Joseph’s Convent Independent Preparatory School, Gravesend; St Christopher’s School, Canterbury (follow up to previous Inadequate Report); Shernold School, Maidstone; and Bryony School, Gillingham, which have all been found Inadequate by OFSTED.

    New Definition of a Non-Selective school (see below)
    A school where parents can send their children if they have £8,500 taxed income to spare. The school will then prepare the child for a very good grammar school as an investment, in order to save three times as much  on secondary private school fees. No entrance test, but you are not advised to send the child if the money will be wasted. .
    Written on Monday, 26 September 2016 04:39 2 comments Read 146 times
  • Primary School OFSTED Outcomes in Kent and Medway for 2015-16

    Kent primary schools show another strong performance through their OFSTED outcomes for 2015-16,  with 25 schools improving their grading, against just 3 declining. 79% of schools were judged Good or Outstanding agasitn a national average of 77% to March (latest national figure published). This is underlined by very good figures in the latest Key Stage 2 attainment results, according to provisional results by Local Authority which place Kent 21st out of 152 Authorities, with 58% of children reaching the expected standard, well above the national figure of 52%. A KCC website providing information for teachers includes the view of the Corporate Director of Education on both OFSTED and Performance in National assessments.

    Medway is at last also getting better, with 9 improved OFSTED outcomes against one down, a total of 7$% Good or Outstanding. Provisional KS2 results place Medway 25 places from the bottom with 48%, not good but a marked improvement on its bottom five position every previous year since 2009.

    This is the first year that both attainment and progress are assessed at KS2, the new progress measure figures to be released later in the year.   

    Back in February when I reported on performance for the first half of the year, just three Kent schools had been found Outstanding, but this figure has now leapt to 11, with Blean, Brookfield, Great Chart, Hartley Primary Academy, Roseacre Junior, Sandwich Junior, and Tunstall CofE all improving their level from Good, and Herne CofE Junior leaping two grades from Requires Improvement to Outstanding.  

     Herne Junior

    In Medway, there are signs of progress at last with 72% of schools inspected last year found Good or Outstanding, the two schools assessed as Outstanding being Barnsole, up two levels from Requires Improvement, and Horsted Infants, up from Good. Two academies Oasis Skinner Street and Saxon Way are both up from Special Measures to Good.

    BarnsoleHorsted SchoolOasis Skinner StreetSaxon Way

    You will find latest Local Authority and National figures at the foot of this article. 

    Written on Thursday, 22 September 2016 07:47 Be the first to comment! Read 133 times
  • Meopham School - Consultation on becoming a Grammar School

    Meopham School in Gravesham, a non-selective mixed academy that has achieved excellent GCSE results this year, is proposing to change its status to become a mixed grammar school from September 2018.


    This school, with a current intake of 160 students and run by the Swale Academies Trust, has published a Consultation document about the plan.  This outlines the proposal if the recommendations of the recently published government Green Paper allowing non-selective schools to convert to grammar schools are approved. Current students at the school would be able to continue on their present courses.  

    I can see there would be strong demand for such a school if it came into being, as outlined below, but there are also massive problems for non-selective children in an area where there is already enormous pressure on non-selective places.

    This is just the first proposal nationally to become public, and gives rise to speculation about several other possibilities of a similar nature across the county. 

    Please note: What follows are my initial reactions to breaking news today, but I will return to it, with a more measured response and updates as they arise.

    Written on Friday, 16 September 2016 11:41 5 comments Read 472 times
  • Sevenoaks Annexe

    There has been considerable press coverage, following the claim in the Sunday Times that there will be a new school on the Sevenoaks annexe site for boys.

    It is of course not that simple. Quite simply, there are no regulations at present in place to allow any such development, not even a boys’ annexe.

    Paul Carter, Leader of KCC, who has driven the project from its beginning and now appears to have his vision fully vindicated, appears quite clear that buildings will be constructed over and above those for the girls' annexe. There is a fall-back position in that it is reported that if no school or annexe is allowed, alternative short term use is being planned.


    It has been clear for years that Mrs May, even as Home Secretary was in favour of expansion of grammar schools, possibly by creation of annexes, as I wrote in November 2014. Her current ideas are clearly proving very controversial, and I see no point in adding to the debate.

    However, as I also wrote in May 2015 after the General Election, about a possible boys’ annexe in Sevenoaks to balance the one being built for the girls of Weald of Kent Grammar: “the pressure to sort this one could become irresistible!” It is starting to look that way.......

    Written on Sunday, 11 September 2016 22:57 Be the first to comment! Read 233 times
  • Lilac Sky – New Trustees Condemn Previous Financial Dealings, new Names, and other Matters.

    Further Update: SchoolsWeek has now published another article, in which the founder of Lilac Sky claimed the revised LSSAT accounts, see below, were inaccurate and released to try and embarrass him. The article also picks up on issues I have previously raised.   

    Update: Following publication of my article, SchoolsWeek has also published (page 4) an article about Lilac Sky. On page 2, it publishes an article about cheating by use of impostors, in the Kent Test. 

    Lilac Sky Schools Academy Trust, responsible for five academies in Kent and four in Sussex, has now published revised accounts for the year ending 31st August, in which the new Board of Trustees disassociates itself from what has gone before:

    Had the trustees been aware of the full extent of the non-compliance with the Trust’s policies on procurement at the date of the approval of the original financial statements, and the remedial action that would be imposed by the EFA as a consequence, it would have cast significant doubt on the trustees’ assessment of the trust’s ability to continue as a going concern.

    This news explains the events I have chronicled in three previous articles, most recently here, explaining the decline and fall of the Trust and its academies. It may well be that after January, the Trust will be quietly closed as the Regional Schools Commissioner has removed all its nine academies and allocated them elsewhere (details in my previous articles). Sadly, it is the students who have been punished over the past year by this mismanagement as amongst other events, most notably Marshlands Academy being given a Warning of closure if it failed to improve its standards, the Regional School Commissioner (RSC) instructed the Trust to claw back some of its financial losses by remedial action. This explicitly meant taking funds provided for education, out of the school budgets to pay off the debts. 

    Through part or all of the past eighteen months, well after the problems initially emerged, the RSC has been supported by Lilac Sky Advisers, appointed by government to assist him in his duties by overseeing the performance of academies, and opening new ones, surely somewhat of a conflict of interest!

    Lilac Sky now appears to have decided its name is toxic and so Lilac Sky Outstanding Services Ltd, name recently changed to Lilac Sky Education Ltd on 1st July 2016, has now been completely re-branded as Education 101 Outstanding Education Services Ltd from 1st September.  At the same time, the name of Lilac Sky Schools Ltd also bites the dust and this company is now branded Henriette De Forestier Schools Ltd from 31st August, as its seeks to diversify into private education. 

    I look at the latest news from each of the three companies, Lilac Sky Academy Trust, Education 101, and Henriette De Forestier, in more detail below - there is plenty of it!…

    Written on Tuesday, 06 September 2016 13:10 1 comment Read 1033 times
  • Academy and Free School News August 2016

    Updated with more Medway Academy news below, 7 September

    Although there has been just one new converter academy and five sponsored academies in the past five months from Kent and one from Medway, there are six new academy proposals in Kent and five in Medway working through. Most of the new or proposed sponsored academies have a failed OFSTED in the last few years, academisation wiping out any previous OFSTED Grade and securing freedom from a fresh Inspection for three years – almost an incentive in itself for some schools, and surely a great relief for the two Local Authorities as their statistics improve overnight. 

    There are also five Free School proposals, some already approved for 2017 opening as the government Free School programme gathers pace, with three of the proposals coming from religious groups as, in Kent as well as elsewhere, faith schools are seeing their biggest expansion in numbers for decades.

    This article also looks at Academy matters in Canterbury, Deal, Folkestone, Gravesham, Maidstone, Medway, and Sevenoaks, and major new developments in the Lilac Sky scandal. 

    You will find a full list of Academies, Academy Groups, Free Schools and University Technical Colleges elsewhere on this website; together with my previous article on Academy and Free School News (the delay explained by my commitments elsewhere in recent months).

    Further details on all these items below…..

    Written on Monday, 05 September 2016 18:36 1 comment Read 459 times