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Kent Secondary School Admissions 2015


Last Updated: June 2014:

Please note that this section is rather lengthy, and hence is spread across several pages. You will find the links below.

It is designed primarily for parents resident in Kent, whose children will be transferring to state secondary schools in September 2014. Parents considering a grammar school application should also look at the pages on Kent and Medway Grammar School Admissions and Medway Secondary School Admissions.

Kent Schools


There is more information, advice and comment on the School Admission Code page.  

I have wide experience of the secondary school transfer schemes in Kent and Medway, and am happy to place my expertise at your service, advising on choice of schools and patterns of application, drawing on my extensive local knowledge of the area and its schools. I give talks for parents at several Kent primary and secondary schools by invitation, and am also happy to talk with groups of parents, as well as individuals. For admissions you may well find my telephone consultation service useful.

You will find the full details of the Kent Secondary transfer scheme together with next year's oversubscription rules for individual Foundation and Voluntary Aided Schools on the KCC website here (secondary determined scheme for 2014). You will also find the admission rules for  each school for 2014 entry, and in the Spring any proposed changes for individual schools for 2015. I have simplified the regulations here.  

For parents applying for any school in Kent outside the normal admission round there is yet another new process for admissions, but one far simpler than the previous  model. Simply download an In Year Casual Application Form and send it to the school you are applying to. You will find further details here.
I liked the basic advice guide issued by parents at Kingshill Primary School.  You will find a simple comparative guide at


The scheme operates for Kent residents, no matter where the schools for which they are applying are situated, and refers to entry in September 2014.


Key Action Scheme Date
Registration for testing opens Monday 2 June 2014
Closing date for registration Tuesday 1 July 2014
Test date for pupils in Kent primary schools Wednesday 10 September 2014
Test date for out of county pupils Saturday 13 September 2014
Assessment decision sent to parents Wednesday 15 October 2014
National Closing Date for Secondary Common Application Forms (SCAF) Friday 31 October 2014
Final closing date for exceptional late applications. Wednesday 5 November 2014
National Offer Day: e-mails sent after 4pm and letters sent 1st class post Monday 2 March 2015
Schools send out welcome letters Not before Thursday 5 March 2015
Date by which places should be accepted or declined Friday 20 March 2015
LA re-allocates places that have become available from the schools' waiting lists Wednesday  22 April 2015 

 In each Local Authority (LA), an admissions booklet will be issued at the beginning of September and published on their website. There is now a national closing date for applications  although grammar school registration process and dates and testing dates differ. Each LA has some differences in procedure, for example Kent parents have four choices, and Medway parents have six choices. These booklets contain details of the all important oversubscription rules, which determine if you will be offered a place if too many people apply.  Do not try and take part in the process without the relevant admissions booklet to guide you. At the time of writing, the 2015 Admissions Booklet for Kent secondary schools has not been published, but the 2014 version is here. You will find Medway's 2014 booklet here

It is essential that all parents, who are considering entering their child for the Kent tests, register their child on a form obtainable from the primary school or Kent Website,  or online. Your child cannot take the Kent tests if he or she has not been registered. You will not be considered for a grammar school if your child has not sat the Kent tests and they will only be able to take the test late, after 23rd April and be considered as a late applicant whether or not the school is named on the SCAF. Copies of the registration form will be distributed through primary schools and can be downloaded here.

There is nothing to lose by entering your child for the tests. Parents in Kent living near the Medway border may also wish to consider entering their child for the Medway tests, which assesses children on different skills. Further details of Kent grammar school admissions are here.

You will find some possible scenarios on the next page.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 11 June 2014 12:34

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  • The Debate about Disappearing Kent Primary Heads part four, and the problems of Kings Farm Primary in Gravesend

    Kent County Council has responded to an article I wrote for Kent on Sunday a week ago, the response being provided in full at the foot of this article. Unfortunately, it completely ignores my two central points also set out in the article below, which are underlined by  recent developments at the National Association of Headteachers Conference and at Kings Farm Primary School in Gravesend.

    Meanwhile, at the other end of Kent in Thanet, a dire warning that conversion to academy status is not a panacea, deserves a separate article, below.

    The NAHT Conference, hardly a hotbed of radicalism, passed the following motion:

    Conference calls upon National Executive to highlight the number of school leaders being forced from their posts through spurious and unacceptable means by the bullying actions of some local authorities who seek to remove experienced and skilled head teachers to make way for academy sponsorship or other forms of school governance”.

    Written on Tuesday, 22 July 2014 00:00 1 comment Read 125 times
  • The failures of The Kemnal Manor Academies Trust and its three Thanet primaries, including Drapers Mills Primary Academy

    Drapers Mills Primary Academy in Ramsgate has just joined two other Thanet Primary Academies in trouble, all three run by The Kemnal Academies Trust (TKAT), who have been failed by OFSTED, becoming yet another academy to decline in category since conversion. Today, OFSTED has published an equally scathing Report on TKAT itself, confirming that conversion to become a Sponsored Academy is no panacea for success (parents at Twydall Primary and Kings Farm Primary, Gravesend, take note!)........

    Drapers Mills

     School motto: Dream it! Believe it! Achieve it!

    Written on Monday, 21 July 2014 00:00 1 comment Read 404 times
  • Academies and Free School News July 2014

    This is very much a church month, as both the Church of England and the Catholic Archdiocese of Southwark remove more schools from the oversight of Kent County Council, and take over direct control of them. Most of these schools are sponsored; some are Converter academies who have joined in federation.  

    You will find further details of the academy groups here, and a full list of academies and those in progress here. Details are as follows: ..............

    Written on Thursday, 17 July 2014 00:00 Be the first to comment! Read 198 times
  • Disappearing Kent Primary Headteachers, the Problem of Recruitment and the Resulting Difficulties in Schools

     There has been much debate since my previous article on the problem of Kent’s disappearing primary headteachers, with Kent County Council arguing that the removal of these headteachers  is a necessary part of school improvement, that the improvement in OFSTED outcomes proves this and that every Kent primary school has someone in charge of it. It appears from the information available that some 40 primary headteachers have lost their posts since September 2012, 21 by formal means, the remainder being "encouraged" to resign.

    However, chickens are coming home to roost. There is a sharp increase in the number of primary headship vacancies across Kent, a sharp fall in the number of applicants for each vacancy to an average of 2.33 per post, a quarter of all primary headships are having to be re-advertised, 16 Kent primary schools have failed their OFSTEDs since September, there is a fall in the proportion of Good or Outstanding Schools inspected by OFSTED and more schools are seeing a worse OFSTED outcome this time round. Kent’s Key Stage 2 results for this summer should be interesting!

    In 2012, KCC published its key policy document: Bold Steps for Kent”, laying out its key education priorities for the next three years. Its key policy aim for 2015 was:“No KCC schools will be in an Ofsted category of concern. There will be more good schools, with at least 85% of primary and secondary schools judged as good or outstanding”. With standards falling instead as we head towards 2015, KCC is clearly panicking and headteachers are becoming scapegoats, taking us into a spiral of decline.

    Written on Thursday, 03 July 2014 00:00 Be the first to comment! Read 602 times
  • Kent Test September 2014


    Kent County Council has now published the details of the new Kent Test to be taken in September 2014, and I was pleased to be able to break the news here, a week before official publication, after several primary headteachers shared the information with their parents. The specification provided is as follows. You will find KCC's statement here. Kent County Council has now prepared a familiarisation paper for pupils taking the test, to indicate the type of questions being asked. You will find this here

    Written on Thursday, 22 May 2014 00:00 1 comment Read 3321 times
  • Oversized Infant Classes in Kent and Medway.

    There has been much media interest this week on the issue of Infant Class numbers. The Labour Party has claimed that a relaxation of legislation by the Coalition has led primary school headteachers to allow infant Class numbers to increase over the statutory maximum of 30 children per class with a single teacher. This is based on an article in the Daily Telegraph.  However, in my opinion, far more important is the ambition of both Coalition and Labour parties to reduce Infant class sizes below 30 also discussed in the document, although the resources required to build new classrooms, open new schools and employ additional teachers would be immense and are nowhere on the horizon. In any case, unless something is done to expand infant class provision then the limit of 30 children per class will become impossible to maintain. 

    In fact, my analysis of the data can find no incidence of headteachers in Kent or Medway choosing to ignore the regulations and, although there are a number of infant classes with numbers over 30, almost all are due to perfectly legitimate actions outside the control of headteachers.

    Written on Wednesday, 18 June 2014 00:00 Be the first to comment! Read 682 times