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Malling Primary Schools

Updated August 2017

Entries on this page include the OFSTED Grade for each Primary School as they are published, also recording change from previous Inspection result, together with some other relevant information below. It is worth using the search engine on the Home Page to pick up other references to individual schools.

You can read the full Report on each Primary School at OFSTED. In September 2012, OFSTED revised its Inspection Grading System, giving each school a main Grade: Outstanding, Good, Requires Improvement (previously Satisfactory), and Inadequate (two sub categories - A school that has serious weaknesses is inadequate overall and requires significant improvement but leadership and management are judged to be Grade 3 or better - A school that requires special measures is one where the school is failing to give its pupils an acceptable standard of education and the school’s leaders, managers or governors have not demonstrated that they have the capacity to secure the necessary improvement in the school). Each Report carries a brief description of the school before justifying its decision in more detail. If a school is in Special Measures or Serious Weaknesses, the results of further monitoring visits are noted.

You will find a good website to provide a host of factual data about Kent schools here.

You will find an item about Malling primary school offers in April 2017, looking at oversubscription and vacancies here, for 2016 here, and for 2015 here.

Reports published post-August 2016 are in the first table, followed by other tables containing older ones (a school may have been inspected in the summer term of 2016 with a report published after 1st September 2016).



Date Change
Aylesford Primary Good Nov 16
Up two 
Snodland CofE Primary Good Mar 17 No change
Trottiscliffe CofE Primary Good Mar 17 No change


Malling Primary School Inspections 2015-16



Date Change
Brookfield Infant Outstanding Mar 16 Up One 
St Mark's CofE, Eccles Good Oct 15 Up one

 Excerpt from Malling Section of article on Oversubscription and vacancies in Kent primary schools 2015: "There appear to be few difficulties in this elongated rural part of Tonbridge district, stretching north to the Medway border, but three new academies are opening in September to serve major building projects".

Malling Primary School Inspections 2014-2015



Date Change
Burham CofE Good Oct 14 Up one
Ditton CofE Junior Good Jan 15 Up one
East Farleigh Good Mar 15 Up one
Offham Outstanding  May 15 Up one
St Peter's CofE, Aylesford Good Jan 15 Up one

Malling Primary School Inspections 2013-2014



Date Change
Aylesford Primary Reasonable Prog to Remove SM Oct 13
St James the Great Academy Good Mar 14 No change
St Mark's CofE, Eccles Requires Improvement  Sep 2013 No change
Stansted CofE Progress since SM (see below) Oct 13
Insufficient Progress to remove SM Apr 14
Insufficient Progress to remove SM Jul 14

Malling Primary School Inspections 2012-2013



Date Change
Aylesford  Special Measures Sep 12 Down one
LA statement fit for purpose
School Improvement Plan:
not fit for purpose 
Jan 13
Monitoring: mainly satisf progress May 13
Reasonable progress Oct 13
Brookfield Junior Good Sep 12 Up one
Burham CofE Requires Improvement Jun 13 No change
Ditton CofE Junior Requires Improvement Jan 13 No change
Kings Hill Good Jan 13 No change
Lunsford Good Jun 13 Down one
Mereworth Community Good Feb 13 Up one
More Park Catholic Good Jul 13 Up one
St Katherine's Good Mar 13 No change
St Peter's CofE Requires Improvement Jan 13 No change
Snodland CofE Good Oct 12 No change
Stansted Special Measures Jul 13 Down one
Trottiscliffe CofE VC Good Jun 13 Up one
Tunbury Good Jul 13 No change
West Malling CofE VC Good May 13 no prev (academy)
Wouldham All Saints CofE VC Good Feb 13 Up one

Aylesford Primary School is to become a sponsored academy under the Invicta Valley Trust in September 2013 

Pre September 2012 Reports

School Grade Date Further Information
Mereworth Community Primary Satisfactory Sep 2010
Ryarsh Primary Outstanding Apr 2012

The following Kent primary schools had additional Reception intake places added in March for 2010 entry, to meet local pressures:

 I understand that additional places were added very late to the Discovery School and Kings Hill School, following political pressure. I don't at present have details.